Man who repeatedly raped 13-year-old girl and took pictures of his assaults transferred to women's prison: why? because he identifies as transgender & you transfer him? where is the rope? we need rope

by Paul Alexander

you see, this is the kind of sh*t that gets people in trouble; I want him hanged and blow away with that transgender sh*t, that Bruce Jenner sh*t, see what you did Bruce, you gone & glorify that filth

I don’t buy this transgender crap, not for one moment and certainly not this beast, not this beast, he needs special dispensation. Where is Clint Eastwood as we need him, we gots some hanging to do and now! Hang them high!

This kind of beast have me now sinning my soul for it is Christmas and we must be merciful and look now, I have these bad thoughts but this guy must be made to pay and pay hard and do not buy this “I am a woman or transgender sh*t”, not for one second. This is a hard back pedophile male who needs some hanging.

Dear Lord, please forgive me for what I just wrote, please grant me favor for my mind is exploding reading this story.