Marjorie Taylor Green: US house representative Majorie Green "The House Must ‘Investigate’ and ‘Lock Up’ Dr. Anthony Fauci"; yes, I agree with her, investigate them all and take money and Jail them!

by Paul Alexander

Green on fire with BANNON (WAR ROOM): if it is shown they did wrong, we have to go to proper public hearings, we do it properly, and if shown they did wrong, we jail them! I agree with Green!

We do not abuse power, but we ensure we investigate them all, properly, we investigate each of these policy makers in the entire COVID response and we want accountability! We check where every single dollar has gone in COVID relief! And jail those who did wrong!

For every death, we hold them to account, and not only the high level people, we investigate at every level!


They killed Americans across the board, our children, minority children etc., they harmed our police and military with these COVID injections.