Martha's Vineyard named now to take over US immigration & deportations at the Southern border, for it is the ONLY entity or group of people (rich elites) who deported 100% of illegals, all deported!

by Paul Alexander

Martha's Vineyard should be handed control of US immigration and to handle deportations for they know how to roll; they even embrace & kiss illegals as they kicked them out, "get to EFF out of here"!

And deported in a matter of hours! This is how immigration policy should be run.

This is it! And see them as they bade farewell to the illegals at the bus stop, taking a sip of goodwill:


Take a look at this Vineyard fraud lady, crying as she kicks the illegals out. ‘Iron glove cloaked in velvet’ move, smooth, gentle yet firm, I love it, and in a few hours, no fuss, just a little cuss, and this was just reportedly overheard by a couple of Martha Vineyard’s prominent leaders at the bus stop as they departed to Cape Cod: “you are not welcomed here, you are illegals, not vetted properly and potentially rapists and murderers and we are rich elites heads up our arses comprised of some of the world’s most crooked sinister people here on Martha but we are entitled and rich, so get to EFF out of here and as you go, here is a hug and kiss for the cameras and our bleeding hearts, so get out!!! and don’t come back”!

Again, if ever we needed someone to run deportations at the border it is now and Martha Vineyard residents showed the full US government, 435 ball-less corrupted congresspeople and 100 eunuch senators how to do it!

Now send 100,000 illegals to the Hamptons and Chappaquiddick. And as you are doing that, send 100 to Obama’s estates. Let us see what this white black ex POTUS is made of. Let us see.