MASS vaccination across all age-groups into the teeth (midst) of an ongoing pandemic with massive infectious (virus) pressure onto a population while sub-optimal population immunity is 'mounting'

by Paul Alexander

(not) yet arrived at 'full' binding affinity (maximal affinity for the target antigen e.g. binding domain epitopes), will place virus under non-lethal non-neutralizing, non-sterilizing selective pressures

The result of this selective pressure using non-lethal force on the pathogen, is the selection of variants that are ‘fittest’ that could overcome the natural selection pressure and they will go around the vaccinal induced antibodies and infect, become enriched in the environment, and will become the new dominant sub-variant clade.

We continue to deal with non-neutralizing vaccine induced antibodies that do not stop infection, replication, or transmission, in that the vaccine is non-sterilizing. Confers no immunity and no lasting immunity with negative effectiveness being the result.

The danger is that the variants could select for a more lethal virulent variant clade and not just infectious. This could destroy humanity theoretically. This non-pandemic, via a fraud false-positive RT-PCR ‘process’ (overcycled and over sensitive beyond 24 cycles threshold for infectious lethal pathoglogical virus) will go on for 100 more years if Bourla and Bancel and Sahin get their way with the FDA and criminals in US Biden administration. The result is enhanced transmission given the prior infected and non-fected will be re-infected. Importantly, new sub-variants could emerge over and over and as we are seeing, we will get even the vaccinated harmed, severely ill, and dying. We are killing our people with the mRNA technology gene based injection, it is deadly, always was, and we have been failed by all relevant technocrats and officials. They must be investigated.