Massive numbers of Haitian migrants have arrived in Reynosa, MX, across from McAllen, TX in the RGV. Over 1,000 waiting outside of migrant shelter; who tells you this is no INVASION, tell them TF off

by Paul Alexander

We have massive crime on our streets in US, out of control, borders breached in the South, sky rocketing gas prices, massive cost of living, Biden et al. wanting war with Russia etc. Close borders!

We need to shut the US borders ‘until’. This is an invasion…they are coming and will not stop. Why can’t we take our troops and national guard and place them all on our borders. Everyone one in a base. And protect that. Armed. No more guarding of Europe or Japan or any of these eff in nations. Time to protect the USA. Strengthen the US fully and first and yes, leave the rest. And if you touch the US, we will reduce you to glass. Other than that, protect our borders with our military.

Oh shit, I forgot, congresspersons and senators and those types benefit from the breached borders…sssshhhhh, did someone say they benefit from the drugs too? No, don’t say that. I do not believe that. Why would you say that? Don’t go soiling the good names of our esteemed congresspeople and senators. What did you say? Check their families and friends and kids etc. I think you better watch what you are saying. What? The drug trade and this invasion would have ended 40 years ago but big people in the US government and elites, so called ‘connected’ people benefit? Even in the drug shit? I just cannot believe that. I ask you again, stop saying that.