Mayorkas & Biden caused murder by MS-13 gang member; Mayorkas & Biden have her blood on their hands, should be charged! " Illegal MS-13 Gang Member, Accused of Murdering Kayla Hamilton, freed by DHS

by Paul Alexander

"The suspect is an illegal alien from El Salvador and is listed in the nation’s database of MS-13 gang members.” Charge Biden & Mayorkas for this young woman's brutal death.


Mayorkas views the death as an acceptable collateral damage to ensure the U.S. is “fundamentally transformed”. It is as if every single action, every policy, every government action involves loss to America, death of Americans. These people, these radical lunatics hate America and I saw it during Obama’s time at bat. He did every single action against America, IMO only matched by what Trudeau does to Canada. They hate the very nations they lead.

One thing you could say about Trump, as much as the two greatest public health disasters happened on his watch, is that he loved America, borders, flag, constitution, military, police etc. A true American patriot.