'McCarthy warns House GOP now is not time to force vote impeaching Biden: ‘What majority do we want to be?’'; is this guy McCarthy insane? They impeached '45' twice for lies, no reason, is he bought?

by Paul Alexander

This is why republicans will always lose, they do not know how to fight, a bunch of eunuch de-balled men, pusillanimous people, so sickening, I get 'timing' but this will drive Joe unhinged, DO IT!

It is the ‘after effects’, just do your governing role Kevin yet you can impeach, and not just Joe…you idiot, when the democrats get back house and looks like they will in 2024 the rate your pusillanimous enuch self is going, they will even impeach you!

This is war brother, war, the democrats play war, you play ‘Ken and Barbie doll house’. Me thinks they got to Kevin.

I told you before the 2022 vote, it is not the time for republicans to get the house for they will eff it up and so be it, not even Senate they can win again.