Medical doctors in Canada & US were willing to go along killing me, my peoples, our kids, with lockdown lunacy & deadly untested mRNA gene injections so why would we trust them, any of them today?

by Paul Alexander

We need to see doctors we can trust, that is the key, people want to go to doctors they can trust, for all along, they were going to doctors who turned around and stabbed them in the backs for $

If I had my way, no matter how many, I would investigate them all and take every penny and jail as many as I could, for our doctors helped kill us. We must today have zero, let me say it again, zero respect and regard for them. None. They sold us out and on the upside enjoyed money and smugness and scorn of us, and now as the narrative failed, on the downside they wish to rush over here and ask us for amnesty and for us to forgive. NEVER! You must be accountable first for many died due to your filth and lunacy. All you ‘doctors’.