Medieval, yes we must go medieval on them! What is happening in Cuba with China is potentially catastrophic & poses serious harms to America; this is not Cuba-Soviet Union under Khrushchev; Xi is

by Paul Alexander

playing to WIN! If China enters Cuba, we must lace Taiwan with massive weapons, missiles, all pointing to China, build the largest naval base there, if one is there, send more weapons!

What a bunch of ball-less deballed eunuch Republicans! Democrats seek to destroy America, Republicans seek to attend wine and cheeses ONLY. A chairmanship here and there, and some wine and cheeses, but no governing. No leadership.

79 debt ceiling raises?

‘China has been negotiating the creation of a new joint training facility on the Caribbean island nation of Cuba, creating concerns it could lead to the stationing of Chinese troops in the waters off the US, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper on Tuesday reported that discussions between the two countries are in advanced stages, but had not concluded. The report said the officials from the administration of President Joe Biden have been trying to discourage their Cuban counterparts from finalising the deal.’