Megyn Kelly rips into transgender protestors who assaulted and who ‘kidnapped’ Riley Gaines; the left and trans people are making Gaines into a heroine and leader! I support Riley Gaines, this trans

by Paul Alexander

transgender bullsh*t must end and we need to call this crap out for what it is, these are men, MALES, IMO 'would be' perverts, rapists, and pedophiles, men with PENISES who are trying to rape women

These are really perverts, with mental issues, IMO, these trangender freaks entering children bathrooms and men entering women change rooms and bathrooms etc. These are would be rapists and pedophiles IMO. Do you see women trying to be men like these sick men? Why are women who are saying they are men not entering men’s change rooms? Why is that?

You gave the freak Bruce Jenner the podium and you now pay the price. IMO. You gave them the play time and they have helped wreck the culture.