Megyn Kelly to Charlize Theron on transgender drag queens: 'Come and f*** me up': Kelly challenges Charlize Theron over 'deeply disturbing' drag queen shows with children' that Theron supports

by Paul Alexander

Megyn Kelly confronted Charlize Theron about statements & threats made by the Hollywood actress regarding drag queen shows involving kids. Theron proclaimed during the telethon, "We love you queens"

Theron proclaimed during the telethon, "We love you queens! We’re in your corner, and we’ve got you, and I will f*** anybody up who is, like, trying to f*** with anything with you guys."

During Friday's episode of "The Megyn Kelly Show," the former Fox News host responded to Theron's threat by challenging the celebrity actress.


"Yes, there are fun drag queen shows. I’ve been to them,” said Kelly. "When I lived in Chicago, we went to one that was super fun – it was all adults."

Kelly continued, "But there are drag queen shows out there right now that are deeply disturbing, and they’re happening in front of young children."