Meningitis in the GAY community: 'CDC says gay and bi men in Florida need the meningococcal vaccine, to keep them safe in 'worst' outbreak in US history'; I warn you, the COVID injections damaged...

by Paul Alexander

..the Gay and Bisexual community and in fact all of us; the unvaccinated healthy child with an intact innate immune system that has benefitted from 'training' the last 2 years, is PRIZED!

There is no person, no one in this world more opportune and well positioned than the COVID unvaccinated healthy child who has a very strong innate immune system today, will deal with anything. Do not destroy their innate immunity, do not vaccinate them with COVID injections.

Anyone who has taken the COVID injections are immune compromised and this is why we are saying that public health has to stamp out monkeypox in the Gay community NOW especially so that it does not get to the low risk heterosexual community. We are at risk, those vaccinated, to a slew of acute infections now having been COVID injected, to e.g. seasonal Flu, RSV and even pandemics of vaccine-preventable diseases; chronic inf. dis.: herpetic diseases, CMV, EBV, TB, HIV,..). This includes monkeypox and Avian influenza.

All of this is because of what we told these moronic idiotic inept public health officials and television doctors and Fauci and Francis Collins etc. This is because of extensive and dramatic immune suppression in highly vaccinated populations. The expansion of COVID with highly infectious and virulent variant (s) is due to the sub-optimal non-neutralizing COVID mRNA vaccines that place the spike under pressure but does not eliminate it. Natural selection then does it’s thing. Variants will emerge.