Merkel let the WOLF in, the North African, Middle Eastern wolf in, Sweden rape capital, sshhhh, did I say that? Yes!, the islamic wolf seeking to rape and kill your women; over to you Meloni

by Paul Alexander

to get them out, to save Europe before she looks like Yemen; you are talking about people who in their mind and behavior are in the 6th century you force onto 21st century people? Result?

European women are and will always be in trouble due to the wolf…

this type of wolf too: insane, should have been left in their 6th century world and we should come around in 1000 years, they need 1000 more years before we consider them part of the ‘modern’ world…these uncivilized beasts….yes, we in the west are not perfect, we are not good often, we do bad things too…and which nation is not playing for first place? but way better than this filth and madness…you do not build and light your own funeral pyres, you do not set upon your people ‘death’…Merkel et al. did that, Biden did that when he was with Obama, remember Tashfeen? Omar? Nadal et al.????


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