Merry Christmas to you and your precious families, your children, all of them; we do not know each other but you stood by us & we are now like family! Have a sacred blessed love-filled day celebrating

by Paul Alexander

Let us not forget the significance of this holiest of days and give praise and thanks for the blessings we have and ensure we do not forget those without. Freely we give, freely we receive

I shared that I lost my father this year, a couple months ago and it crushed me and I do not think I will ever recover. Many of you have stood with me in grief. Yet I must confess that the world went dark a bit for me, it lost its shine but we go on, I go on and like for you, I know I am making my way back to him and will see him again. I will tell him of our continued battle here 2023 onwards to do some good and with you by my side! I intend to have as many years again to wage with you all and raise my family!

We celebrate the Christ-child today and reflect on the last year and plan the year to come. We catch our breath. God bless! To all faiths, all religions. I wish all faiths a joyous Christmas. Christmas is a time for love, kindness, and compassion, mercy, gracious mercy, understanding, yet it should be so each day of our lives but maybe this Christmas we can come back to that gracious mercy we should have. And to live with kindness and mercy each and every day and not malice and ill-intent.

Peace, respect!