'Miami officials stress 'law and order' in preparation for Trump's indictment hearing'; we know this is politics beca Biden, Obama, Hilary et al. did worse & are free, no charge; every single act you

by Paul Alexander

do to Trump, know that there will be politics & governments in future that will do you same; we are watching & want fairness & if you violate his rights, it is booked yours will one day be! booked!

Booked! Take that to the bank and cash it, yours, your crooked criminal people will one day be subjected to same…every illicit wrongful political act on 45, you will face the same one day. You know its how it rolls.

I sure hope calm heads prevail and fairness is applied and the right law and order is done; so far, I have no faith. We will settle this, however, we will at the ballot box and the courts. Always at the ballot box and courts, civilly, peacefully. Good governance demands this.