'Miami’s Love Affair With Crypto Is Souring as Bitcoin Faithful Flock to the City'; I was taken to Miami last year for this (year before?) by Malone & his crypto DMED people; this crypto is a ponzi

by Paul Alexander

fraud scheme; places I went to, homes I was taken to emerged to me as corrupted fraud people; I was told don't touch this Paul, dressed up as COVID freedom fighters; I was told fraught with pedophiles

Warning and advice to Malone, get out of those DMED people, those crypto backers. That thing is filth, pedos, this is why I never joined your DMED group Malone, what I was told and who was involved I had no interest. I suggest you do same. This is not your thing and you are not part of that filth world of people I think should be executed once you abuse little kids.

Again Malone, don’t be linked to the crypto and DMED world. I know this is not you but the folk in that can tarnish you. Be warned. The truth is coming. About to break. I have serious scientific disagreements with you and questions about your mRNA technology with Kariko and Weissman et al. that is in the deadly COVID vaccines, but I can still give advice about things that could tarnish your name. Stay away from that, I met you in that, you took me to that (your group so to speak), I say leave it.


Hope you take my advice, nothing good will come of the crypto world. Go ask people like xxxx.

That entire crypto world is a fraud, its a scheme. Distance yourself fast.