Mike Lindell of 'My Pillow' donated 10,000 pillows to the Canadian truckers Freedom convoy in Ottawa; I wanted you to know of his benevolence, this is a businessman but a true good hearted person

by Paul Alexander

The Canadian govn would not allow the pillows/truck to cross the border and the pillows have been stuck at the US border since; Mike and I talked and he does not want them back; he said distribute

This benevolence was so touching, and he advised me to just give them to any of the population or US truckers if they cannot cross into Canada; its some form of pettiness and willful derelict and the customs at the border have explained it is on instruction higher up; I got word recently that the warehouse that the pillows are stored at originally and allowed it to be stored, now is almost holding the pillows for ransom; this is like a movie for all Mike wanted to do was donate pillows to the Canadian truckers as it was cold and they were in their trucks downtown Ottawa; I spoke with Lindell et al. yesterday and they still do not want the pillows back, as he had donated them and still wants it given out to the population, and I am so amazed; so here is a man trying to be kind and generous and we see grifters and grafters, people who are opportunistic, at all levels, leeching off the poor truckers who are the ones who put down everything to wage this mandate battle that benefits all; so Mike deserves huge praise; so we have people with greed who are preventing the release of the pillows and others trying to get their hands on them to either sell or pimp, grift, graft off of it. Its shameful.

I am trying today to get the pillows moved and released to the lead so that they can be distributed in the US to whom they decide ideally the truckers.

I am trying and am asking for a call with the warehouse people and the lead to see if I can get the pillows released. They are asking for money to release the pillows. It is insane how people behave when there is a crisis and they smell the greenback.

I felt I would showcase Mike and give him credit on this day that our Lord was crucified. I felt this was a decent story to share.