Millions voted for Trump and do not like him, yet prefer him over the insane Democrats and RINOs; Trump remains the only person on this earth with a 100 million standing army, armed to the teeth

by Paul Alexander

Existing serving military, veterans, existing serving police, FBI, CIA, all types of patriots you think are not with him, quietly tell you "I am with him"....100 million standing army, don't forget

I support him, support Ron too, but love the orange man…with all his faults and his grave failure to fire Fauci and Birx and their lockdown lunacy and they turned around and decimated the US and caused deaths of our business owners, employees laid off and children, who took their lives. But we still support him, for he is the best among all the insane crooks out there.

We must always seek peaceful, lawful, civil ways, in the courts, at the ballot box to address the wrongs in society. Lawful. We are good governance. So always ensure your firearms are legal, safely stored, and you train, and use only in the event of threat to life.