Mindy Robinson, September 11 (9/11), what she stated here remains live & real & uninvestigated! Don't forget the precious lives of our police, fire-fighters, employees, nation, ever; we keep punishing

by Paul Alexander

9/11: what she raises are very credible & we are not stupid, we saw, we are left with many deep questions, burning & they will never go away until solved! we have the Biden govn invading the US today

We are literally invading ourselves with this Southern border madness, this crime…courtesy Biden et al.

I am no conspiracy theorist. I am a purist scientist but many things make no sense and now I listen to all and lean towards folk like Mindy in terms of questioning. I am open to all evidence but too many things are wrong including Mandalay.

Now what we saw on 9/11 makes no sense when you unpack it. Never did, all we know is that innocent Americans died and the US attacked other nations in response. Most of the details though make no sense. The death of our precious soldiers sent in harms way remain gut wrenching for they did not have to die if we learn there was more to this than we were told.


video: Hilary as President

Trump’s interview at Ground ZERO on September 13th 2001