Minute 1.00; WHO's top scientist says NO booster needed in children and teenagers; NONE! can I get an amen for her ? I never thought I would compliment the inept, corrupt, incompetent, WHO scientists

by Paul Alexander

The inconsequential WHO, that den of speciousness, of irrationality, of absurdity is the parent in the room on this booster in kids? hell, it should have been NO vaccines in kids, BUT we take that!

Big props for her, though don't get carried away, if we could, we should take WHO building in Geneva down to the studs, strip all the walls, fumigate that place of the rot, of the academic sloppiness, of the political stench, of the thieving employees who get salaries for no work; and move it to Alcatraz...put it there...for good. better yet, pay all for one month, tell them its a holiday as repairs are done on the main building, and then when all are out, BURN it down...and then salt the earth, get Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus to come back to salt it...bring Scipio back for this one task…