Mitochondrial damage from spike protein, either from virus infection spike or mRNA technology COVID vaccine induced spike (Clough)? Yes! Spike possibly damages electron transport chain (ETC)? Yes!

by Paul Alexander

Pfizer & Moderna mRNA technology gene injections remain catastrophic with long-COVID symptoms for many & they want the spike out of them, they seek relief; TWC's mito formula may help!

Clough et al. showed mitochondria dysfunction & damage with neuropathology from the spike protein, virus or vaccine induced:


‘results show that SARS- COV2 spike protein increases the levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines and ROS production, increases apoptosis and increases the oxygen consumption rate (OCR) in microglial cells. Increases in OCR are indicative of increased ROS production and oxidative stress suggesting that SARS-COV2 induced cell death.’ Via the lethal toxic spike protein from virus or vaccine.

How? Is it some dysfunction and damage to the respiratory ETC (in the mitochondria) that produces ATP? More than likely the mechanism resides here yet urgent study is needed and the vaccine makers and FDA have failed us in this regard, leaving us with a black box of uncertainty, lies, deceit, and misinformation and quite frankly, ‘death’ from the mRNA technology vaccine.

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The Wellness Company’s (TWC) mito support:

‘One prime post-COVID symptom that has left experts puzzled is the “brain fog” phenomena, where people infected by the virus experience long-term neurological symptoms. Indeed, Dr. Alexander recently shared a study produced by Clough et al. at his local university, the University of Buffalo, titled:  Mitochondrial Dynamics in SARS-COV2 Spike Protein Treated Human Microglia: Implications for Neuro-COVID.

The study is alarming, to say the least:

“Emerging clinical data from the current COVID-19 pandemic suggests that ~ 40% of COVID-19 patients develop neurological symptoms attributed to viral encephalitis while in COVID long haulers chronic neuro-inflammation and neuronal damage result in a syndrome described as Neuro-COVID. We hypothesize that SAR-COV2 induces mitochondrial dysfunction and activation of the mitochondrial-dependent intrinsic apoptotic pathway, resulting in microglial and neuronal apoptosis.”

The authors studied brain immune cells and before and after COVID spike protein exposure. The spike protein caused the cell’s mitochondria, the part of the cell that creates energy and stimulates immune response, to dysfunction massively. Compare the photos below of untreated (UT) vs SARS-COV2 Spike exposed cells (yellow box emphasizes the degradation of the cell’s mitochondria.)

“This data provide important mechanistic insights into SARS-COV2 induced mitochondrial dysfunction which underlies neuropathology associated with Neuro-COVID,” says Dr. Paul Alexander. The imaging alone speaks volumes: cell mitochondria are being attacked and fractured by the spike protein.

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