Mobile hospitals that cost Ottawa $300-million sit in storage while Omicron strains Canada’s health system; THIS, my friends, when I say JAIL them, I mean all involved, this is where the PPE money is

by Paul Alexander

When these criminal govt & hospital systems say no PPE, hospitals over run, it's bull sh*t, the govt already give bogus corrupted contracts to family/friends like this...high crime bandits, kleptocracy

These are the types of thieves I mean, the ones that need to show you pronouns in their signatures…a bunch of *&&%$ and &**%$$$, so you may say, “hey, what does Paul mean by jail them, and the govt and universities and health systems and hospitals stole the tax payer money if they telling us after 22 months to prepare and billions in tax money that they are over run”…go examine those senators and congress people carefully, and ministers and MPs in Canada and Australia and UK…see who buy a new house cash and sending Johnny to Ivy on your dime…see who never sat in a truck now heading a trucking company paving roads, see who failed grade 8 science yet heading a company selling diagnostic tests and who sold these mobile beds to the govt…cant even read properly but selling vaccines…look closely, you will see names you recognize, yes, these thieves in govt, these high crime bandits, these technocrats, you think they in govt are to help you? Come on man….it's for mobile beds that will remain stored for if you the tax payer see it you will see its a flat wooden board…this is how it goes so I say, jail them all, when we get to the end of this, jail them…long and deep time…no matter if POTUS, minister, senator…jail them all. all who made money on your backs.

I mean put them in a jail…all who did wrong and it is shown. all who costed lives in COVID.

Also, look at this:

How a wedding photographer and a failed donut shop owner got $124M in federal cash for COVID Testing