Moderna CEO Bancel Admits COVID Is Like Seasonal Flu, Only Vulnerable Need Jabs; so then why is it being forced onto children & why did they force it onto the population, why was it then mandated?

by Paul Alexander

This beast with Bourla & CDC & NIH & FDA played the game to force it on society & now it is DOA, & no one wants it, now he says ' you chose to take it'? after people died from it & you made billions?

Bancel is saying kids do not need the booster? Now?

Something stinks to high heavens when Bancel of Moderna is now saying these things. After these beasts made billions and now the vaccine is dead on arrival? No one wants it? After they forced it on the population? And people died. It ain’t so easy Bancel, we want you in a docket. And it is coming.