Monica Ghandi, epidemiologist, says "COVID is flu-like now...'omicron variant doesn't appear to make people as sick as earlier strains'; inept Fauci responds "I'm sorry — I just disagree; "COVID is

by Paul Alexander

a much more serious public health issue than is influenza...this is especially true for older people, the group at the highest risk dying from the disease"; please remind the little one so is flu

It is no debate, it is less lethal. COVID spared our kids unlike the flu that kills children, that should have given us some insight yet we did not follow that. Yes, it, like the flu is hard on elderly. We cannot discount that.

We lost three things due to COVID, we lost good people who died due to the virus, but we lost most, most deaths due to lockdowns and school closures and above all, we lost our liberties and freedoms. That is what COVID costed us.