MONKEY POX again & huge shift: 'Gay Groups Puts Blame for Monkeypox Crisis on Government ‘Inaction’'; MSM say men’s right to “live their sexuality fully with the number of partners they want” I say NO

by Paul Alexander

GAYS & bisexuals must exercise self control now! The GAY & bisexual community have realized it is the WHO & CDC & their governments that failed them, yet are wrong, it is not your 'RIGHT' to risk us

The GAY community (MSM) MUST exercise self control here, for their own good and the good of the rest of society and I call on their leaders to help here.

The GAY community has been failed and Fauci and Walensky and Tedros et al. are playing politics and do not care about their well-being, just votes, this is about votes, but the GAY and bisexual community must know this is not about telling you how many partners you could have, IMO you can sleep with 200 men a day; it becomes my problem when the bisexual males engage in anal sex and transmit infection and then take it to the lower risk heterosexual community, to low risk women who think her man is heterosexual yet he is bisexual, not telling her, engaging in sex outside the home, then taking it home to her and she is monogamous. Why do her this? Let us examine the pregnant and ante-natal communities to see if it has entered there as if it has, then it is game over! Too late.

I have a problem with that, and GAY and bisexuals must understand, this is about helping you mitigate your risk and help you. Yes, it helps us too, but if you could engage as you like, the non-GAY community has no issue, but your behavior is risking them. It is that simple. This is not about ‘your rights’. We all have rights. You can engage in yours as long as it does not impact mines. You have to consider the well-being of the entire society. This is not a ‘rights’ issue, it is a ‘health’ issue.

The message to the GAY community is this: 99.9% of cases are in men who have sex with men (MSM). This is the data. It is showing up in saliva and semen. This is the data. There is no evidence today it is aerosolized. This is the data. It is mild thus far. Your COVID shot damaged your immune response so you are even at greater risk in your community. This is also a debate you must have as to what the shot did to you immunologically.

You must stop all skin to skin contact, all sexual contact, all anal sex for a few weeks, across the board, and we can quash this. If not, it will spread among you and enter the low risk heterosexual community via injecting drug users, GAY and bisexual community. It spreads via breakage of the infected pustules and via micro tears in the skin, rectal tissue, penis etc. Even heterosexuals can transmit if one is infected and there is tissue tearing (micro tears in vaginal wall or rectal wall if there is anal sex). But we want it to not enter the heterosexual group and stop it in the homosexual group.

That simple.

Can we work together to fix this? By a little sacrifice for 3 weeks? The world was locked down for 2 years for an invisible pathogen we could not see and were told we spread it asymptomatically. Pure lies but we played along and many died in playing along. Can the GAY and bisexual community not help the world here and themselves by stopping for 3 weeks?


Gay Groups Puts Blame for Monkeypox Crisis on Government ‘Inaction’

‘Gay groups in France have blamed the current state of the country’s monkeypox crisis on the state’s alleged “inaction” in tackling the disease.

France’s government has not done enough to properly deal with the mass outbreak of monkeypox, gay rights groups in the country have claimed, while insisting that homosexual men’s right to “live their sexuality fully with the number of partners they want” not be infringed.’