"Monkeypox Infections Reported by Colleges Raise Concerns of Campus Spread"; tell GAY & bisexual community no contact; does not spread by bodily fluid like HIV, but by content of pustules skin to skin

by Paul Alexander

No sex, no anal sex, no contact, no intimate contact, nothing, yet alas, I think it's too late, CDC & NIH & WHO & FAUCI & Walensky saw to this, it's out of the barn, too late; is this vaccine linked?

Tell the University students as it is. If you are GAY, Bisexual, high-risk, then no contact especially if you know you are likely infected or actually are.

Yet as we focus on the failure of the public health such as CDC in providing the right guidance, are the illness wracking up in College aged students really due to the vaccine? Is monkeypox a cover?

Tell University students no sex if GAY or bisexual, if infected, and with only one partner. But tell them to stop! For their own good. They have to. No anal sex, no type of sex, not even with clothing on as CDC ludicrously stated. No ‘at a distance’ masturbation as CDC insanely stated. This is pure nonsense recklessness guidance by CDC.


So if the aim at this time is to limit spread, then high-risk persons and those with infection must not have any contact. We have to be direct and clear. No games with the guidance. We closed down the world and closed schools and businesses for asymptomatic spread of COVID. We destroyed societies and caused suicides by the lockdown lunacy which was a fraud. Here, for monkeypox, there must be strong cessation of high-risk behavior. Then why can’t CDC tell the GAY community what it MUST do? Why the games?

No contact, if the aim is to stop spread. Let me explain it this way, it is in the type of anal sex, GAY and bisexual sex, heavy petting and contact to engage in that type of sex, more physical sexual contact, causes the pustules and lesions to burst and it is the content of pustules that is infectious. There are pustules and boils on the anus and penis in monkeypox infected GAY men. It is the content of the boils, pustules that are highly infectious including when it is scabbing over. Must not be touched and in GAY more physical sex contact, then the pustules are ruptured. It is that simple. Monkeypox, this monkeypox outbreak, remains confined to the GAY and bisexual community. As far as we know, there must be contact, intimate contact with infected lesions and pustules.

They must be educated with PSAs and we must stop the political correctness. No stigmatization.

Thus how would you prevent the pustules from bursting if there is physical contact? How? Other than no contact. Even if a heterosexual couple and one partner is infected, and pustules burst with physical contact, then there will be transmission.


Monkeypox Infections Reported by Colleges Raise Concerns of Campus Spread