MONKEYPOX (it is not smallpox); June 11th 2022; media is saying as an example in Canada, 110 cases & all in males, young males etc.; this is the trend globally, occurring in males; my risk assessment

by Paul Alexander

Below is how you assess risk & as such, place yourself in a position to tell the CDC, NIH, Njoo & Tam in Canada, Doug Ford in Ontario, Fauci (NIAID), Francis Collins (NIH), Walensky (CDC) to f**k off

Tell all these public health officials to f**k off with the fear porn and tell the media to f**k off as well with their garbage reporting. I will tell you what you need to know since everyone is playing a game so as to not offend. This can be serious for a specialized high-risk group.

This can get out of hand if politics get the upper hand and political correctness etc. We face this head on, understand who is at risk and act accordingly.

These are the issues to consider:

1)acute contact tracing is needed of the high-risk sub-group and we know full well how to do this, this group being men-who-have-sex with men (MSM); I argue place bisexual males in that focus so as to contact trace their contacts if high risk, symptomatic etc. Bisexuals are the rate limiting step here to get our arms around this; they often take disease home and into the low risk populations. They have a huge role to help us get this dealt with; IMO, stop you behaviors for a bit please!! I do not care if you are offended, you can cause this to spread widely outside of a confined group. We know the morbidity and mortality is very low based on reporting, so lets get this dealt with.

2) no mass vaccination needed; Dr. Tam in Canada, go back and read your basic epidemiology and public health, you are talking pure utter garbage crap; focus on the MSM and bisexuals, let us keep it confined there and stop playing politics and playing with words; this is at present, based on all we know, an infection that is transmitted within the gay community; we know this by the actual data

3)no mass quarantine or lockdowns needed; focus on the MSM and bisexuals

4)no masks needed, that is non-sensical, this is confined principally to the content of pustules and lesions largely on the penis and anus

5)PSA the gay and bi-sexual community about the risk e.g. check their penises and anuses for warts, lesions, pustules; tell their partners before any sexual contact; tell them to calm down on the heavy physical contact and petting until we get this under control and ask them to not engage in bi-sexual activity at this time, to not visit bath houses or injection drug use or commercial sex workers, at this time to mitigate risk; persons who engage in high-risk behavior such as gay sex we learnt in HIV also, a large portion of them inject drugs and visit sex workers and vice versa; there tends to be a multitude of high-risk behaviors, not just one and we have to approach this from that broad perspective to tamp down spread; surveillance in all these specialized sub-groups may be needed; we employed what we coined ‘second generation’ and ‘third generation’ surveillance for HIV to capture these sub-groups as to risk

Transmission is via intimate sexual contact, heavy contact, rough contact, or exposure to scabs, mucus membranes, bodily fluids or even bed linen, bear this in mind

6) do not go pushing condoms and the like, stop this crap, this is a STD and stop promoting this as it drives high-risk behaviors and a false sense of security and one gets lulled into a sense of complacency; tell the high-risk group their risk and tell them if you engage in that form of sex you will get infected possibly…stop the politics and crap and be straight up; know also that it can spread outside of the gay community but is localized there and we have to work now to keep it there by focusing on the bisexual community and pleading with them to behave; it is the bisexual community that devastated the heterosexual community in HIV

7)do not engage in any stigmatization or slander or recrimination or targeting of homosexual or bisexual people

8)Enact acute surveillance and at this time, while it may still be early, consider probing the pre-natal and ante-natal expectant mother community; pregnant and planning to become pregnant and similar females are the lowest risk group societally and we conduct surveillance of them for certain STDs. It is how we learnt HIV had breached the gay community into the heterosexual community via homosexuals and bisexuals in the 1980s and 1990s and early 2000s. We need to call on our gay and bi peoples to behave themselves and not go engaging in bi sex at this time if they wish to get this under control. This is how gay and bi men took HIV home to their monogamous wives and partners. She thought she was monogamous and he often was not, even heterosexual males, who visited commercial sex workers who were in bisexual contacts and injecting drug use. He did not know, just visited the commercial sex yet got infected due to their high-risk behaviors outside of commercial sex. High-risk people engage not in one but many high-risk behaviors and share a lot of their paraphernalia.

9)So IMO, you ask these series of questions as you prepare to give Fauci and Tam and Walensky the bird with their inept fear porn:

a)am I a homosexual? No

b) am I a bisexual? No

c)Am I monogamous? Yes

d)Is my partner monogamous? Yes

e)do I have anal sex with gay or bi males? No

f)do I inject drugs and have physical contact with injecting drug users? No

g)do I visit commercial sex workers? No

h)do I have physical contact with gay, bi, commercial sex workers, injecting drug users etc. or other high-risk persons who may have had contacts with these groups? No

i)are there people in my household I am in close contact with who are gay, bi, or are part of such a relationship? No

So calm the hell down, turn off FOX and CNN with the fear mongering, turn off the public health people, and if you answered the questions as above, based on all we know today as to where the transmission is, then you can safely tell them all to f**k off and go about your life. This is not a ‘national’ issue, does not transcend USA or Canada. You people focus on contact tracing and some good PSAs and we will be just fine. No masking, no vaccines, no lockdowns. Just get the bisexual community to govern themselves accordingly.

I plotted this graph as of today…maybe a couple other nations left out…