MONKEYPOX now found in SALIVA (12 of 12 samples); Barcelona study authors say the initial cases in Britain, Portugal, and Spain have been mainly discovered among men who have sex with other men.

by Paul Alexander

Discovered virus DNA in rectal (11 of 12 patients), nasal (10 of 12 patients), semen (7 of 9 patients), and fecal (8 of 12 patients) samples from the monkeypox group; during the acute phase of disease

Tell the GAY and bisexual community, especially the bisexual community, no sex, no skin to skin contact, nothing for a few weeks to help eliminate this virus. No sexual contact, it is that simple and should not be hard to do seeing you beasts, you malevolent filths at CDC, NIH, WHO etc., you beasts like Fauci and Birx locked us down for over 2 years and had people committing suicide.

I argue 100%, Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, the Biden administration, CDC, NIH, FDA officials and WHO are deliberately working to expand monkeypox nationally across the US. They are deliberate in working to spread it across the US. 100%. Cannot be that inept and dumb! The CDC and NIH and WHO officials have failed the Gay community and actually positioned them now to be smeared, slandered, ostracized, stigmatized. Why? Why are you people are CDC and NIH and WHO so stupid and evil all at once?

We can also now say for sure, even if the CDC, NIH, and WHO incompetent malfeasants who have risked the safety of the GAY and bisexual population and now the low-risk heterosexual community since they are deliberately making it spread there, that monkeypox is almost a:

  1. a bona fide sexually transmitted infection (STI)

  2. certainly transmitted in saliva

  3. certainly transmitted in semen

If you read the key abstract, it outrages you, it outrages me for exactly what I have been saying the bitches at CDC and NIH will not do or say and their derelict is causing this virus to expand into the low-risk heterosexual community.

For God’s sake, tell the GAY community and bisexual community no sexual contact for 3 weeks, no anal sex, no contact that could burst any pustules or lesions, none. No kissing and for sure no exchange of saliva. I mean, look at this abstract and it is clear the GAY community has no clue of the risk and the methods of transmission. The inept corrupted, woke CDC Walensky and NIH corrupted Fauci will not tell them the truth and you can see how misguided the GAY community is by where the risk resides now. For example, five patients reported attendance at ‘sex-on-premises’ venues or ‘chemsex’ sessions. How? Why? Then they sure do not grasp the seriousness of the risk.

The study looked at 12 persons, all were men who have sex with men.

“All patients studied (n = 12) were young adult men who have sex with men (MSM; median age: 38.5 years; range: 32–52). Most (9/12) had previous history of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and three patients had a concomitant STI. Four were HIV-positive (all with undetectable HIV viral load and CD4+ T-cell counts between 400 and 860 cells/uL). All patients were sexually active with up to 10 sexual partners during the last month and seven were on HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis. Five patients reported attendance at ‘sex-on-premises’ venues or ‘chemsex’ sessions. Three reported trips to other parts of Spain but none reported a visit to the Canary Islands or Madrid, where transmission of MPX was traced initially in Spain. Four patients reported previous sexual contact with a confirmed case of MPX. An unspecific systemic syndrome (fever, myalgia, general malaise, etc) was reported by 11 of 12 patients. In half of the patients, the skin lesions were present in more than one location of the body. Four reported smallpox vaccination, whereas this vaccine information was not recorded in five.”


Frequent detection of monkeypox virus DNA in saliva, semen, and other clinical samples from 12 patients, Barcelona, Spain, May to June 2022