Monkeypox positive GAY male being brutally honest about how he got infected and really gives us a glimpse into the difficulty in stopping spread if CDC & NIH does not take a lead; NO anal sex 3 weeks!

by Paul Alexander

It is outrageous how CDC & NIH have played political games here & this will now expand, it's too late epidemiologically to stop it, Fauci et al. did this deliberately to drive spread to general population

All this needed was leadership saying no skin to skin contact, no anal sex, no sex, none for a few weeks and we would have helped this high risk group, but no, it’s political games and now the low-risk general heterosexual population is at risk especially from bisexual males. This is a STD and spread by GAY and bisexual sex, meaning MSM, and found in saliva and semen. What else can I say that I had not said before? Heterosexuals could spread this if one partner is infected and there is rough abrasive sex that involves tearing of tissue. This is not about being ‘gay’, the virus is transmitted in bodily fluids and infected pustules and lesions in the infected person, through any tears on the skin or tissue e.g. rectal micro lesions etc. If heterosexuals engage in anal sex and one is infected with monkeypox or another STD, the other will get infected if there is tissue tearing.

Those at CDC and FDA should be fired today! This is outrageous! I do not care if the GAY community is offended, I am trying to help them and help the low-risk general population at risk mainly from bisexual males.