Monkeypox spreading locally at large LA County events, health officials say; again I say, CDC & WHO & PHAC etc. must call for cancelling of such events & call on gay bisexual community to stop contact

by Paul Alexander

It is very important, the monkeypox can be stopped in it's tracts with acute contact tracing, isolation of symptomatic persons, and for Gods sake, telling the gay community to stop sex for 2-3 weeks

If you phuckers could have shut down the world for 2 years ending business, life, schools etc. for the fraud asymptomatic transmission, then why can’t you tell the at risk community to stop a behavior? Why continue to place them at risk as well as the rest of low risk society?

I want to also say that the gay community should be concerned with the impact of the COVID injections on their immune systems. IMO many are immuno-compromised due to the injections (as are others) and health officials have to prove they are not and the COVID injections may have severely damaged the gay community. It is devastating what these COVID injections have done!


Monkeypox spreading locally at large LA County events, health officials say

‘The number of confirmed monkeypox cases in Los Angeles County has jumped to 22, which health officials said has largely been spread among men who have sex with other men who have recently attended large events.

Most of the recent cases involve individuals who have not traveled out of the country or out of the state, as was the situation in most of the first identified cases in the US.

No hospitalizations or deaths have been reported, officials said.’

I am warning again, the public health is playing a woke political game here that is very dangerous. It is taking a manageable pathogen and issue and going to allow this virus to expand and spread into the low risk heterosexual community and like with HIV, then heterosexual contact will transmit. We are talking about millions who are immune-compromised due to the COVID injections, and thus they will be susceptible. As long as there is skin to skin contact and any breakage of skin or tissue, and there is and can be with even heterosexual contact, then there is risk of transmission. Regardless of if it is a STD or not, it is localized to one community and we have to not play games. Tell them to stop sex or contact for 2-3 weeks. It’s that simple. It helps them.

It is not being gay, it is the type of intimate contact. Or any contact skin to skin, tissue to tissue. Gay or heterosexual etc. But if it is localized in the gay community, then help them, get them to understand that abstaining for a bit will eliminate this. Stop the bull shit politics and ‘afraid to offend’ bull. Straight up, tell people what they need to know.