MONKEYPOX update: 'Advocates warn US at risk of losing control on monkeypox'; IMO have lost it already, because CDC, NIH & WHO & Fauci play political correctness woke games with MSM; Atlanta is foci?

by Paul Alexander

Afraid to offend the high-risk group and so it is about to enter the low-risk heterosexual population; why not adopt acute contact tracing & tell Gay & bisexual community NO contact for one month?

Tell men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) what they need to know and how to reduce risk.

That’s all, no masks, no lockdowns, no mass vaccine, no mass quarantine, nothing, just contact tracing, proper PSAs, and tell the at-risk group no sexual intimate skin to skin contact for 3 weeks to one month. Tell bisexuals to not go outside of their community to the low risk female populations. You beasts, you illogical and inept beasts at CDC and NIH and Fauci et al. locked us down for 2 years and closed schools, why can’t you tell the Gay community simple information that will help them protect themselves and help reduce expansion into the general population? We know it is not about being Gay but it is skin to skin heavy abrasive contact that could involve tearing of tissue e.g. micro tears and thus bodily fluid exchange. A heterosexual couple can transmit if contact involves rough or abrasive skin to skin contact. Anal sex by a hetero couple can transmit STDs if it is in the bodily fluids. This is not about stigmatization or ostracization. No. It is about proper education and information to mitigate risk.

You Fauci are endangering the Gay and bisexual community the same way you did with HIV (denying effective Bactrim for deadly AZT).


Advocates warn US at risk of losing control on monkeypox


Monkeypox in Georgia: Health officials see case numbers rising in metro Atlanta