MONKEYPOX update July 22nd, 2022 shows virus is an STD and near 100% spread via sex; Fauci & Francis Collins & Walensky and Tedros (WHO) must tell the GAY & Bisexual community NO sex 3 weeks

by Paul Alexander

CDC & NIH & WHO officials are DELIBERATELY CAUSING THE EXPANSION & SPREAD OUTSIDE OF GAY & bisexual community to general low risk hetero-sexual community, intentionally!!! 98% are gay bisexual!

“Monkeypox: According to study, overall, 98 percent of infected people were gay or bisexual men, 41 percent had HIV and the median age was 38.”

If it is a STD, and if it is near 100% transmitted during sexual contact, and if this virus causes pustules and lesions filled with infectious fluids, and if skin to skin touching and sex enhances infection risk, especially lesions in the anal and penile area, then why would the CDC and NIH and WHO not tell the GAY and Bisexual community to abstain from any sex contact for a few week? Why? Why not tell the high risk group what their risk is and what they must do urgently? Why play political correctness woke games and now place the rest of the low risk non-GAY population at risk, especially via bisexual males? Why? Why not call for no sex, no anal sex, or sex with only ONE partner, urgently? Why not? Is this Fauci doing a repeat of HIV in the 1980s etc.? The played politics and HIV became a heterosexual infection. They know why and why they did that. Fauci knows what he did with Bactrim and AZT, the latter killing thousands of GAY men.

If the rest of the world was shut down for 2 years, locked down, schools closed, people committed suicide as a result, over asymptomatic spread, a lie even, why can’t you ask GAY men to stop have sex for 3 weeks?

This is about helping this community and not ostracizing or stigmatizing. We call for none of that and this is wrong and must be stopped. Let us deal with this as a virus and help. Let us set the politics and the like aside. The reader should know, that it is not about being GAY, no! Never was. It is that this virus needs skin to skin abrasive contact to spread, where there is any breakage or tearing of tissues and thus fluid exchange. If heterosexual couples engage in skin to skin and rougher or heavier touch sex contact and one is infected with an STD and there is skin or tissue breakage, even minor micro tears, then the risk of spread is enhanced.


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