MONKEYPOX Update: They are still trying to make monkeypox an issue for the general 'low-risk' heterosexual population; bull sh*t; "'Considerable' monkeypox transmission happens before symptoms"

by Paul Alexander

ok, then again, no intimacy or high risk SKIN-TO-SKIN behavior for the GAY & bi-sexual community; acute contact tracing, PSAs; BISEXUALs are the danger; FREE book (Presidential Takedown)!

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Start here for monkeypox report:

If this report is correct, if transmission is asymptomatic or pre-symptoms, then we have to focus on persons who engage in high-risk behaviors; then we have to be careful about the bisexual community as bisexual males who are married or in committed relationships and their women are monogamous and think they are in same and their partner is low risk, often does NOT know her man is fornicating with other men and can bring this and other STDs home; I am not CDC and NIH and WHO with its woke bullshit failure political correctness. Pardon how I speak.

Women, check your man and kick him out if you suspect he swings both ways, for he will infect you, he is placing you at risk, same issue we faced with confluence of HIV from the high-risk group (bisexual) to the heterosexual population. Bisexual males are the problem for they are dishonest to their low-risk wives who do not know he visits the bath houses and other males before coming home. Check your man! Not just for monkeypox. Bisexual behavior is very dangerous in males if he engages with his female partner and she unknowingly assumes he is straight and monogamous. This is a terrible ongoing situation. Check your man.


We know that when people engage in high-risk behavior, they engage in multiple high-risk behaviors e.g. inject drugs, share material, multiple sex partners etc. Be careful.

Notice in this report, they did not mention gay or bisexual males. I did. For a reason, so you are optimally informed. Gay and bisexual males, govern yourself, please understand if this report is true that you may be exposed and/or infected and potentially spreading. Before symptoms but alike all research today, this report may just be BS too.


'Considerable' monkeypox transmission happens before symptoms, study suggests