More Than 50% of globe obese by 2035; pandemic made this far worse & the increase is worse in kids & teens; get MOVING, throw away the phone, don' do the fraud weight watcher, designed to fail

by Paul Alexander

Energy (food) in must = energy out if weight is to be controlled moreover, its about cardiovascular health, not weight so much; More Than Half of the World Will Be Overweight or Obese by 2035 - Report

So much metabolic disorder now. It is very serious.

All those weight watchers, Jenny Craig diets are designed to fail and they know it, it will always fail, you must have physical activity in your life, daily. Do not diet, no restriction of food, just normal meals. Moderation and commonsense. When you diet, you disturb your basal metabolism and downregulate it. It resets to the new basal metabolism and then when you end the diet and resume normal food intake, you then put back on the weight. You body will store anything you take in as energy if you diet. Always its about moderation and commonsense. Energy in = energy out.