Mother Jones FINALLY gives the real Freedom fighters the credit deserved, Mr. Foster Coulson, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Risch etc. (& a tiny mention of me, I gush); your hit piece my Mother, actually

by Paul Alexander

tells the truth, you tried to hit The Wellness Company (TWC) & we got word of the ones in the Freedom movement who did this (yes, your own people clued us in), so thank you, you are welcomed!

Why thank you my Mother, thank you Mother Jones!!! Huge hugs for this hit piece. Hat tip is in order by the boss himself.

Also, I am honored to be linked to TWC, very privileged.

First, allow me to get the names correct. My name is Dr. Paul Alexander. Is yours ‘Mother Jones’ or ‘Puta Madre Jones’? Please clarify for me as I do appreciate proper introductions and do not wish to slight you.

What has gotten into you my Mother? I heard you were a good decent rag prior. I heard you have gone downhill. Is it POTUS Trump? Deranged you like Joy Behar? On that note given I wrote about Joy, word is that the medical community, mainly the psychiatric profession has devised the one and only treatment for sex addiction especially among men (that they say works), this being now the DSM classification of 3 (I repeat, ‘3’) back to back viewings of The VIEW. With only a 3 minute intermission. Word is Whoppi must be one of the hosts with Joy, the rest can be interchangeable. These two I have been told will cure any sex addiction and word is Tiger benefitted from this package.

Back to your hit piece on TWC.

I think out of the gate, you idiots at Mother Jones, you deceptive lunatics (what, he just called us lunatics??? yes Mother, I just did, moronic stupid idiots is the better descriptive and btw, write about me, please do, allow me to respond in kind, see, I am not usual, I am a tad bit different for ‘media’ does not scare me, for I know one thing, you write with malice and idiocy and my intellect and grace will always ‘Trump’ your derangement), it is never that we are and were anti-vaccine, it is anti- this PARTICULAR mRNA technology gene injection that has never worked and is deadly. Yet full disclosure, IMO the entire vaccine development process and approval process with FDA must be taken down to the studs. Today I question ALL so called vaccines based on the crookery and fraud of the COVID gene injection and FDA and pharma. All malfeasants IMO and I suspect, this is the way vaccines were always developed and approved and thus my grave concern. The entire system, the need for these multiple vaccines etc. must be examined and in many instances I say halted. Especially the childhood vaccine immunization schedule fraud. IMO a few jail sentences of persons linked to the COVID gene injection is in order following proper tribunals and hearings.

The COVID gene injection vaccines were never effective or safe, and should never have been approved, let alone rolled out. In any manner. They were NEVER needed. My Mother, why don’t you do an investigation of that? Instead of writing bogus hit pieces on Mr. Coulson who is trying to do good by America (and Canada).

Get your facts straight my Mother. Oh, what’s that, you have never peddled in facts. O.k., got it. I do, I really do understand for you could have really written about misinformation and disinformation by addressing the lies we were told (and you helped perpetuate) by CDC and NIH and FDA about this being a real pandemic, about surgical and cloth masks being effective, the lies about the gene vaccine being effective, lies about the vaccine not being unsafe, lies that the vaccine stopped infection and transmission as well as replication, lies about asymptomatic transmission, lies about recurrent infection pre-omicron era, lies about natural immunity being inferior to vaccinal immunity, lies about the fraud flawed over-cycled PCR test (beyond 24) accurately denoting positivity, lies about no treatment for COVID, lies about all persons at equal risk of severe outcomes if exposed to COVID, lies about lockdowns being effective, school closures stopping transmission or death, that mask mandates work, that vaccine mandates were needed and had a scientific or medical basis.

But alas, it is you who traffic in misinformation and deception so those lies above are like your truths. Got it! See, it makes sense to me now. Stupid me! Oh so stupid me!

You really should have thanked Mr. Coulson for the good he is doing while you pull fuzz balls from your navel. I wish to thank FOX for featuring Mr. Coulson and his decent humanitarian act while the Biden administration worry about transgenderism and which bathroom Johnny should piss in today. While they do all to get us into WW III. While they, Biden et al. eviscerate the borders of the US and allow illegals in who among them are dangerous rapists and murderers, bringing in deadly Fentanyl to kill Americans. No, do not worry about that Mother Jones, you just focus on hit pieces like this but as I said, thank you. You gave us a huge media add, for FREE.

Thank you Mother Jones, thank you and when I do see Senator Johnson I may just invite you;-). Next time the congress members or aides write to me to ask for some ‘assistance’ I am going to write you Mother. For help;-) Next time I walk the halls of congress (for whatever may cause me to be there) I will ask you Mother to join me;-) Next time I and we do anything of benefit to the US, we will ask you Mother to partake since it is about time you did.

We actually know who put you up to this (it’s a small world and a small token can get any information today, let’s just say we were not surprised for he realized we know he is a fraud and everyone knows he is a fraud), but you are wasting your time, until you can do the good work of TWC, just like that, just continue writing like this. You advertise for TWC. We love it. btw, next time Mother, to be more polished, ask me for official comments, for the truth, ask us, go to Risch direct, or McCullough or Coulson, don’t write junk garbage just like that. Just ask, will give you more credibility, we will tell you. For you wrote lots of what you have no clue about.


And you be damn right Mother, deep prison time for them, all who costed lives and if a judge says put the death penalty on the table, I say tee it up. Impose the death penalty, only after a judge though Mother. So don’t go getting the vapors and fainty on us, don’t call home to mommy, do not clutch your pearls and fish nets Mother, just relax. Ask me. So next time, ask me to tell you how I REALLY feel.


Last week, a Florida-based medical group called The Wellness Company made a big announcement: It would provide free care to those affected by the February train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. Residents, the company said, could simply go to a website to “register to receive free acute virtual care with a licensed doctor or medical provider.” Right away, the offer made headlines. Fox News ran a story; Kaiser Health News gave it a nod in a morning roundup.

“I founded this company to put patients before profits,” wrote Wellness Company founder Foster Coulson in a press release, “and that is exactly what we are doing.”

What that high-minded rhetoric doesn’t mention, though, is that The Wellness Company is not just an ordinary medical practice of community-minded physicians. Rather, it is a new company that says it is part of the right-wing “medical freedom” movement—which sees government interference in health care as dangerous. Over the last three years of the pandemic, the movement has grown as it opposes vaccine requirements and public health protections.”

The Wellness Company’s top leaders have been at the center of this push. The organization’s chief scientific officer is Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist who has garnered a massive following for his warnings about the supposed dangers of the Covid vaccines. Because of his statements about the vaccines, the American Board of Internal Medicine recommended last year that Dr. McCullough be stripped of his board certifications in internal medicine. The Wellness Company’s senior advisor is Dr. Paul Alexander, a former Trump official who participated in the anti-vaccine trucker convoys and called for officials who promoted the Covid vaccines to be imprisoned.”

An appointee of Florida governor Ron DeSantis and an outspoken critic of Covid vaccines, Ladapo noted that he is close with Wellness Company chief epidemiologist Harvey Risch. “Harvey [Risch] and I, we talk so much,” he said. “He’s helped me with so much, including a midnight phone call before we issued some guidance.” Later that month, when Florida governor Ron DeSantis announced an initiative to hold vaccine pharmaceutical companies accountable for injuries allegedly caused by Covid vaccines, Wellness Company employees were among the “leaders in the medical freedom movement” who issued a statement of support for DeSantis. “We praise Governor DeSantis for this courageous and much needed move,” they wrote.”