'MRI sheds light on COVID mRNA vaccine-associated heart muscle injury'; a similar injury pattern emerges in those who suffered heart damage after mRNA vaccine & in those who suffered it post virus

by Paul Alexander

n=92 patients, 21 (22%) had myocarditis after COVID vaccination (mean age 31 years). 10 patients (11%) had myocarditis after COVID illness (mean age 51 years), and 61 (66%) had other myocarditis


‘For this retrospective study, the researchers analyzed data from 92 consecutive adult patients with myocarditis and abnormalities on cardiac MRI performed at a tertiary referral hospital between 2019 and 2021. Patients were classified into one of three groups: myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccination, myocarditis following COVID-19 illness, and myocarditis not associated COVID-19 vaccination or illness.

Of the 92 patients, 21 (22%) had myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccination (mean age 31 years). Ten patients (11%) had myocarditis following COVID-19 illness (mean age 51 years), and 61 (66%) had other myocarditis (mean age 44 years). Patients with myocarditis following vaccination were younger and more frequently male compared to the other groups.

‘Chest pain occurred in all 21 patients with vaccine-associated myocarditis. The pain started one to seven days after vaccination and lasted one to six days. Fourteen of the patients (67%) were admitted to hospital with a median length of stay of 3 days. No patients were admitted to the intensive care unit. Troponin levels were elevated in all patients admitted to hospital and substantially decreased in all by the time of discharge.’