mRNA: 3 issues, i) those who decided to play GOD & use this as part of vaccine technology & now we see it can't work & will never work ii) incorporated into our DNA iii) mRNA is toxic & deadly itself

by Paul Alexander

synthetic mRNA technology 'as a drug' that is in COVID gene injections (Pfizer and Moderna) is devastating & as we see, has not worked, it's deadly on it's own like toxic lipid-nano particles (LNP)

This was always about fame and money and no one involved were interested in human beings and health. Just look at their behaviors with COVID and you see it’s only feeding at the money trough. Shameful, disgusting, perverse and all the while, people are the real victims.

Nothing about this mRNA, LNP system, platform is good, nothing. It was never studied as to the adverse health implications. Just bad news and harmful and should be stopped from use, now or ever. Certainly not until studied properly and the reality is even if we did run the trials now to sample size to assess safety, we would see that the mRNA and LNP is deadly. So us saying it is not properly safe is us talking crap. And we know it.

We already know it is unsafe so we should not be calling for longer trials etc. to study it. We should be saying it is unsafe and should have never ever been brought. We played God. Money and God like complexes. Like Oppenheimer, para God help us, we unleashed a monster, we released ‘death’ itself unto ourselves with this mRNA.

mRNA technology (as a drug or whatever to be used in vaccines, whatever etc.) as well as LNP technology and the overall mRNA gene injection vaccine platform should have never been developed and pushed onto humans, never! All prior animals studies failed, all. Today, we see the harms and it must be stripped and removed from market. The entire process. mRNA technology is deadly, the LNP platform is deadly, the COVID gene injection platform is deadly. Nothing about this is safe for humans and importantly, has never been shown to be be safe via any studies.

I am taking this debate into a religion realm (as many people have raised this debate with me (akin to stem cell research and their objection with use and particularly fetal stem cells) and they made much sense and I too questioned this from the beginning) for those who played God in developing this. They did not do the research work to see that it is indeed taken up into the DNA (it is not a theoretical risk, we have research today showing this) and thus can alter genetic composition and potentially humanity irreparably and to date, it has not been good.

See my prior substack and prior study as one example that the mRNA can be reversed transcribed into your DNA.

‘We also show that Pfizer BNT162b2 mRNA is reverse transcribed intracellularly into DNA in as fast as 6 h upon Pfizer BNT162b2 exposure.’

Did anyone, anyone in the development of this mRNA technology consider this, even think that this is a critical issue and could impact humanity? What is the possible impact, is there permanent damage, does this impact our immune systems? Would changes to our DNA be passed on to our off-spring? No doubt our genetic material will be re-programmed at some level by the mRNA in these COVID gene injection vaccines. Does this sound ok to you? Who decided this? I have serious issues with this.

Ah, I guess the God complex monsters did not think of that too. There are so many issues with this incorporation of mRNA (reverse transcription) into our cellular DNA. Yet none of the monsters thought this through as they have done none of the relevant research (up to now) and we are seeing how much damage the mRNA injections do. It’s all about the money and God complexes and the implications are potentially horrendous to humanity. I certainly do not know how this will play out yet do they? Were they ever concerned? Thus far, does not seem like it will be a good ending.

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Tell me, at what level is this beneficial? You comment. Tell me. I see no medical value and I see people played with being God and did not study the implications. We know 100% now that the mRNA is reversed transcribed into human DNA. The implications of this we do not know for the people did not study it then, and now Pfizer etc. did not think they should study it nor did FDA as the nation’s regulator, think they should mandate that type of study from the regulated party.

No one thought about us human beings. Money money money! And don’t forget about the fame!