mRNA technology based gene injection Spike protein SHEDDING, how dangerous is shedding of the lipid-nano particles (LNPs) to partners, to children of vaccinated parents? shedding of mRNA, mRNA, spike

by Paul Alexander

sub-units 1, 2, fragments? do we shed vaccine-induced antibodies? YES, we have to get serious about this; will plague us for decades; evidence shows vaccine, spike, mRNA, antibodies ARE shed

How long does SHEDDING last for? What damage can it do to us who came in contact with vaccinated people? To our kids via us? From us?

Fact is that it is abundantly clear now that we can shed the COVID vaccine content, the induced spike protein itself, the sub-units 1, 2 etc., mRNA from the vaccine, the induced vaccinal antibodies, we can, and these can be shed and passed on in bodily fluids, sweat, saliva, groinal secretions, we know via placenta, breast milk, we have the science, via exosomes packed with spike and mRNA, full length or fragments, antibodies from saliva, breath, droplets etc.


antibodies via aerosol?? Yes…and vaccinated parents represent greatest threat to their unvaccinated children…

This can potentially damage your heart and we see pure evidence via myocarditis, pericarditis, bleeding, clotting, brain bleeds, aneurysms etc., can damage tissue and organs of your children, people you get intimate with as you can shed to them and they can suffer the implications etc. including subversion of their own immune system as if they were vaccinated, can damage lungs, skin, blood, your endocrine system, your kidneys, adrenals, brain, liver, GI system, all of your partner, loved ones you are close to, can cause irregular heart rythms e.g. atrial fibrillation, can cause shortness of breath and extreme tiredness and/or weakness, there can be paralysis, inability to think and reason, causing mental confusion, and lots more potentially catastrophic conditions.


The question is how do we rid ourselves of this? Spike protein from the virus and definitely from the vaccine? We know that NATTOKINASE etc. as natural blood thinners etc. exists and research is showing that it dissolves and disables the spike protein and fragments, sub-units that is/are left in your tissues, in your body post virus infection or COVID mRNA vaccine.

This is the key, we mean spike protein that is left due to the viral infection itself or mRNA vaccine.

Those who gave us mRNA technology, all of it, and the vaccine, gave us ‘death’, they know it, now its how to pretend they did not enrich themselves, thats the game, to appear they were against it all along yet they brought it e.g. Weissman, Sahin et al., imagine that, and to sing out against it when they did this. A bunch of inept pipetting chemists, thats all, bench chemists, that is all they can ever be, tax-payer money whore leeches, trying (tried) to play God, sucked off the tax-payer and corrupted research granting scheme, research scheme, I know, it was my world that I left (I received not one dollar, ever, from any grant, I refused to be part of that fraud), and now want to tell you about the harms of what they did. It is an incredible world we live where they tell you what our eyes see and our ears hear, that we are not to believe.

Watch this short scene in SWORDFISH: about MISDIRECTION and Houdini, it tells you what these beasts are up to, these mRNA inventors and vaccine makers: