mRNA technology gene based COVID injection (Pfizer, Moderna) strikes at Tori Kelly? Again? "Grammy winning Tori Kelly being treated in hospital for blood clots"; will the 13 (or one of them) Horsemen

by Paul Alexander

of the COVID Apocalypse please stand up and tell us something? please! From Weissman, to Malone, to Fauci, to Bourla, to Walensky, come on, you made money & fame, HELP us!

Is this akin to Jamie FOXX? Damar Hamlin? Deon Sanders? Come on, when will this stop? Is this COVID mRNA vaccine related? Is she at risk of death now due to the COVID shot? Is many in the population at similar risk, akin to ticking timebombs who took the mRNA shot?


Two-time Grammy winner Tori Kelly is being treated in hospital for blood clots in her lungs and legs after collapsing at a dinner, US media report.

Reports suggest the 30-year-old's condition is "really serious".

She was at a dinner in Los Angeles when she experienced elevated heart rates before passing out, TMZ reported.

Her team have yet to publicly address her health.

The BBC has contacted her representatives for comment.

The singer-songwriter rose to fame posting videos to YouTube and appearing on TV singing competitions.

TMZ reported she was passed "out for a while" and was taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital by car not an ambulance.’