mRNA technology used in COVID mRNA gene injections (with lipid-nano particles) are causing devastating menstrual abnormalities, miscarriages, fetal death, still births, major pregnancy complications

by Paul Alexander

When will the 'inventors' be asked the right questions, when will they be questioned, when will the 'inventors' of mRNA technology, all of them be made to answer for this crime for they brought DEATH

Dr. James Thorpe:

“We compared the COVID-19 vaccine adverse events over 18 months with that of the influenza vaccine over 282 months” using data from the U.S. Food and Drus Administration (FDA) as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Thorp explained regarding his paper.

“We found a 1200-fold increase in severe menstrual abnormalities, a 57-fold increase in miscarriage, a 38-fold increase in fetal death or stillbirth rates,” he said.

Thorp also revealed he found “15 other major pregnancy complications all far exceeding the CDC and FDA values of safety,” before referencing “more than 30 other completely independent sources globally that corroborate exactly our findings.”


I want Nuremberg type trials, I want to see hangings after proper investigations and hearings over this COVID pandemic and the fraud gene injection, I want hangings. Gallows. This mRNA technology injection is a bioweapon and slow killing and we need to drag them all in front of tribunals. We need arrests, trials, then convictions. These bitches are at war with us. We need to hold them to account.

I ask this as a scientist in this battle, outraged how these people, they know who they are, get away with making money off of pain and suffering, gorging themselves, enriching themselves, going on stage and talking bullshit round about crap and no one is asking them the right questions. How these people benefitted on the upside when it was expedient and beneficial to be on the side of lockdowns and vaccine when they could and when it became hot and they were exposed for their frauds, then on the downside now benefitting saying ‘oh, I am with you now’. So let me have fame now saying I am against it now. Bullshit. No, no amnesty and I will call you, each of you out.

I don’t agree with that. You don’t get any amnesty in my books. You must answer and be held accountable for your actions killed people. People died due to your words, actions, policies. You ‘inventors’.

They are all frauds. Dangerous frauds.


You all the ‘inventors’ know and knew that the very mechanism via which the mRNA would need to get to cells to use the metabolic machinery to translate the spike protein (target of the immune system) would need transport carriers like the LNP that could package it, hide it, stabilize it, and take it far and wide and deep inside and across the body. You knew the very mechanism of action would need it to be moved out of the injection site and into the lymph and blood system. You knew the mRNA was going to be moved form injection site. It is no surprise to you for the mRNA could have not done what it was intended to do if it stayed at the injection site. A Grade 11 biology student will tell us this given the target was to get to lymph nodes and dendritic cells etc. You knew it would have never stayed in the deltoid and we did not need the Japanese bio-distribution data to tell us this.

It is really simple what I am saying. I normally deal with sophisticated multidimensional models to try to explain disease and behavior etc. for these are indeed complex. Yet I am making this simple here. You knew, yet remained silent and that silence caused harms. Irrefutable. Dr. Bridle did not need find the Japanese bio-distribution data and break the story, for you knew. You could have saved him and us the trouble. Yet you were silent.

Dr. Robert Malone, this question is for you if you may help us please. If you cannot, please can you get the other inventors to help us. This will be appreciated.

So again, why were you/they silent? Why did you/they remain silent for so long as to it not staying in the injection site and warn people e.g. pregnancy women, and why did you not immediately as the government, CDC, NIH, FDA, Pfizer, Moderna started pushing the vaccine, why did you not stand up and say to the nation that it was a lie, it does not stay in the injection site and no, it will not be degraded immediately as they said. We have the data and evidence to show it leaves the injection site and remains in the blood and tissue longer-term. Not degraded, spike, mRNA etc. We know that was a lie by CDC etc. by you all were the inventor (s) and know more on this and why were you silent? Your silence helped perpetrate a devastating lie. Many people would have not taken the shot and not be harmed if you stood up earlier, so why were you silent? When Dr. James Thorpe talks about the devastating harms to pregnant women, he is talking about your silence. Had you spoken up this would have not happened.

You know what CDC etc. was saying was a lie so why did you not say this to help people? Was it you took it as long as you get away with it and now are hiding ‘in plain sight’ railing against it? Is there any shame in you? You people. You think you should not be held to account and questioned? I am looking for past statements and can fine none that would have informed people especially pregnant women and women in general, truthfully.

IMO all inventors of MRNA technology must be investigated and questioned. All. Anyone linked to the COVID gene injections. All.