Munchausen by Proxy...YES, Fauci has this serious medical condition, a 'caregiver with a pathological need to appear devoted and caring inflicts, worsens, & dramatizes illness in a dependent person'

by Paul Alexander

Does this not describe Fauci perfectly? he is the sick parent or care giver inflicting pain on 'us' the population, his 'children' for 'attention'...he is deliberately hurting us for attention

People with this disorder seriously harm even their children to get medical attention, they seek admiration, attention, and will keep the child ‘ill’ or make them ‘ill’ to keep the attention etc.

Munchausen Syndrome and Munchausen by Proxy are two forms of a rare, grave mental illness in which a deranged person seeks attention, power, and admiration by faking sickness and malady, including unnecessary hospitalization, in themselves or in a proxy.  The proxy is a vulnerable person over whom the unhinged person has power. The proxy form of this characterological mental illness occurs when a caregiver with a pathological need to appear devoted and caring inflicts, worsens, and dramatizes illness in a dependent person.  People with Munchausen by Proxy (MSP) enjoy medical and hospital environments, seek close relationships with medical personnel, and revel in being admired as devoted caregivers who have turned over their lives to care for sick family members.  The MSP abuser fears that his victim will be given the appropriate treatments and recover, thereby risking discovery of his malignant mishandling of another's health.