Must a loaded plane fall from the sky? Plane travel today in era of COVID injections (mRNA-DNA) is very dangerous! Pilots are flying (100%) with vaccine induced 'silent' myocarditis & at risk;

by Paul Alexander

myocarditis must be ruled out first before pilots fit to fly with gadolinium contrast MRIs & battery of tests, high-sensitive troponin, D-dimer; must a plane crash before you act? FAA 200 to 300 ms?

It does not take a rocket scientist to grasp that by enlarging the threshold parameter from 200 ms to 300 ms for electrical conduction across the heart (as the FAA just silently did), allows those pilots with possible ‘silent’ myocardial cardiac damage following COVID gene injection vaccine, to now fly large commercial aircraft packed with passengers, thus placing passengers at risk if they suffered a heart attack or other event while flying the plane.

Must a big one fall from the sky? Must a plane or two loaded with passengers crash due to a pilot under stress in the cockpit and thus with surging stress-induced adrenaline bathing a vaccine induced myocardial scarred heart, ending in cardiac arrest?

I am very worried about Air Force pilots in US, Canada etc. and the stress they are under and how that can initiate a cardiac arrest cascade in the cockpit.

Must innocent people die due to pilots dying in flight for the airlines and FAA and Canadian authorities to act? We argue this is almost a certainty and the governments must move now to clear pilots fully of myocarditis before allowing them to fly. This must be a broad policy change and can only serve to calm the fears of the public as well as ensure that their pilots are fit to fly and even if not, that they can get the care that they need.

When last have Canadian pilots been subjected to an EKG/ECG? Dr. Roger Hodkinson and I have been discussing this and he reminded me this today. Are autopsies being done in Canada and US when a pilot dies and we mean in the last 2 years to assess if this could be due to the COVID gene injection? Why is there a lack of interest to ascertain why pilots are all of a sudden dying based on media reports?

We have the FAA adjusting threshold criteria for electrical conduction across the heart from 200 ms to 300 ms. With no public announcement or explanation. Why? What was the reason? This increase suggests a slower cardiac electrical conduction and so we ask why? What are they seeing to do this? The FAA or any of these government agencies do not make these major changes with out a reason. What is it?

We argue that flying today is very very dangerous and never before has it been as unsafe.