My advice to ICE: if you want to stop the illegal border crossings, if Republicans and Democrats and people who want America to survive want the border shut, have some white people cross into US

by Paul Alexander

see what happens then? Biden et al. will shut it closed and put 100,000 US military on the border, plus national guard, with an instant. so white folk, please go to the border now!

Could someone get this message to Ann Coulter and have her put together a crossing for she too wants the border protected. Send it to Milo too, he wants it protected and he even tried to help Trump start the wall. I want it protected too. Let’s try this avenue for nothing is working. Both republicans and democrats are working with Biden to invade the USA. The USA is being invaded by it’s own government!

Stop sending them into the interior, stop, I like what you did Ron and Abbott but that’s not the answer for they will never return for hearings. Just turn them back at the border. Use whatever powers you have, EFF the votes, eff midterms, eff your re-elections, it is not about you, it’s about the people you serve, you do it, stop being political, you do it and you will win 19 more terms. You will be rewarded. It is your state. You take control.