‘My balls and nut sack exploded’: Clemson basketball guard Brevin Galloway details bizarre injury: ‘My balls exploded’; DON'T LAUGH AT THIS people, Nicki Minaj was 100% right; exploding balls VACCINE

by Paul Alexander

You thought Minaj was a lunatic, no, that term lunatic is reserved for Hotez, Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Njoo, Theresa Tam, Gupta, Baric, Bourla, Bancel, Hahn, Walensky et al.; Minaj was 100% right

Should we say, Dr. Nicki Minaj?

Is this COVID vaccine linked? Should we ask? We know orchitis can happen due to COVID infection too yet is this due to the toxic spike protein?

Brevin seems to have suffered Orchitis (testicles inflammation) and is this due to some form of COVID vaccine injury?




Clemson basketball guard Brevin Galloway added some painful details to what the university labeled an “abdominal issue” Thursday night.

Galloway doesn’t know why “my balls and my nut sack were exploded.” All Galloway did was lift in the morning and take a nap. Then, just three hours later, he had undergone surgery to reduce his testicles back to their normal size.

“I don’t know what happened to my balls,” Galloway said in a video posted to his Instagram. “I guess they were trying to be like basketballs.’