My father's burial today: can you image there was a heavy rain fall, flooded all over, funeral agency told us we have to hold off burial as hole is submerged as is cemetery, and walls collapsed

by Paul Alexander

so the burial plot submerged and walls collapsed, we now are hiring a digger to re-dig, but got to wait till the water drains as we do not want to coffin down there as will be flooded; can you believe

so we had final ceremony but no burial and my dad is now back at funeral home, they are housing him in coffin, of course, for a fee. that is expected, not their fault but it is life and what a day and story, wanted to share. Incredible that the cemetery is under water and so are the graves and we cannot bury. And weatherman calls for serious rain the next days.

A very painful day as many of you may have experienced. Losing a parent is devastating. My dad was not a rich man, yet he was his wife, kids and grand children and boy was there love today.

But was a stressful time to take the body back to the funeral home to hold it as the weather unfolds. For a cemetery to flood it is incredible.

Trinidad Tobago