My friend xxxxx (clinician) his sharing internally, not as your doctor or I, not as your doctor, just sharing what we discuss back & forth; we were discussing the BA.5 omicron clade as to masks etc.

by Paul Alexander

Note, nasal-oral wash of povidone-iodine or hydrogen peroxide or even sodium hypochlorite, always diluted, never swallowed, swish and spit, multiple times, Q-tip for nostril cleanse; cuts risk 99.9%

I write lots but in this day, I am trying to use my substack not to play, but to share and inform as much as possible and hopes you get nuggets in it and it saves lives. We have been failed by our doctors, the public health establishment, our governments so we much safe guard ourselves and our parents, grand parents, our kids and grandkids. It is up to us. And we will get accountability…it is happening.

I share this now between me and other doctors…any information I think could help you, I will share. I cannot reply to every comment. I do not have time.

Start here and huge love and respects and hugs to you all who put up with me:

If this can inform and help, this is why I share. This is xxxxx’s recent sharing to a group of us as we bantered on BA.5 and masks and steps to reduce risk from this more infectious sub-variant given the COVID vaccine has failed, it is junk. Any protection wanes near immediate and you are now on a booster treadmill and will never get off.

Start here:

‘There is such a high % of people that don't understand that this is much different, and also that surgical masks are useless, but so far there is not much risk to healthy under age 60.

Of course the MSM and Democrats and Govt. want us to continue to be afraid.

I don't know the best treatment protocol, but if at risk, you can't go wrong with daily diluted Iodine mouthwash (povidone-iodine), along with nasal application (either via fine sprayer or Q-tips).

3 tablespoons of 10% povidone-iodine in one liter of clear mouthwash, is an 18 fold dilution, resulting in a 0.45% P-I solution (consistent with effective studies.).

Of course upon first symptoms, or suspected exposure, increase above multiple times daily.

Due to the rapid replication, it makes even more sense than ever to begin taking 200 mg hydroxychloroquine daily (or dose of ivermectin), beginning with the first suspected symptoms (fatigue, headache, fever) even before the coughing/phlegm begin.  Of course always have Mucinex DM around, to reduce the inconvenience of excessive coughing and phlegm.

If there is more evidence that replication goes to lungs, should have 250 mgs Azithromycin (antibiotic) around.’


Also, here, sees 100 patients per day in several clinics in Florida with his colleagues, again, no names, but I want you to see the debate…

‘continue to see up to 100 patients daily in two offices and am on call 24/7 and do hospital care…. And, to this point, I’ve had no patients with Covid who were sick enough to justify prescriptions for IVM/HQ.  I have stopped recommending preventive treatments with these as well several months ago.

Of course I have had patients with underlying lung conditions who required steroids, Zithromax, etc.  

This is what I’m seeing in Central and North Central Florida but I continue to get calls from around the state and elsewhere and thus far this strategy has been effective.

I had at least 10 phone calls yesterday alone from frantic patients who tested positive for Covid. We need to stop this nonsense and we - the  Covid thought leaders - need to educate people about the futility of mass testing for a benign self-limited condition.’