My updated views on Omicron December 20th based on bogus CDC statements...just tear it up and throw in garbage...all meant to scare you to vaccine and to damage your child...turn it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Paul Alexander

You are denying your people their right to natural immunity and not allowing your nation to get closer to herd immunity…you will be vulnerable with susceptible people always with harsh lockdowns

My sense is given the immunity in the US population, that it will be enough to protect, that is your natural immunity...not the vax immunity for if you got the shot 4-5 mths ago, you are now exposed. those nations that locked down long and tight and hardened, are in trouble…we told them this over and over…you are denying your people their right to natural immunity and not allowing your nation to get closer to herd immunity…you will be vulnerable with susceptible people always…this has an animal reservoir…borders crossed always…so can not stave it off…you can conceivably stop and shut a pathogen down if you locked down…but all nations must lock down same instant and same duration and open same time…no differences and very air tight…but how can you do that??? who can get nations to go along? moreover, when you emerge, you will have no society to emerge to, no economy…and many would have hung themselves with that type of draconian lockdown…and you would have prevented your nation from getting to herd immunity…inching closer….you cannot ‘social distance your way out of this or vaccinate your way or lockdown out of this’…will never ever work….ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and these bastard politicians have been told this already but they are power drunk…cant let go…plus lots died on account of their madness so have to not break ranks to keep it covered up…who did what.

So you needed balance and we must factor in the downsides always in cost benefit analyses…no one to this date have done cost benefit analyses of alternative courses of actions…these idiotic inept moronic Task Force dingdongs only looked at stopping of the virus…no consideration of the implications of the policies and the reality is this was no pandemic or even emergency…

So my sense is with the heavy natural immunity, we wont have a problem in the US though there will be some infections...good news is we have early treatment, and we know well how to manage and treat and support much better now and also, it is incredibly mild. If things go true to form how the news reports so far, omicron is milder than the common me, children must not be vaccinated as this will suppress and subvert their innate immune system and this is potentially catastrophic...we allow them to live freely and naturally and harmlessly...their immune system can handle Delta and Omicron...easily...we strongly protect the vulnerable and elderly first and our private homes and nursing home, use early treatment as needed...message about vit D supplements especially in colored persons and body weight control and allow the rest of society to live reasonably normal unfettered lives...unconstrained...we try to ensure we do not disrupt normal lives...leave everyone alone, leave the healthy well in society, the kids, the infants, the young persons, teens, middle aged...all who are well, leave them alone. 

Agree with Dr. Risch. Fully. 

CDC as of right now:

Then they dropped this recent update and it boggles the mind where that purple came from: