My view: the Canadian govn knows the trucker won, that COVID is over, that they MUST drop the mandates; no scientific/medical basis; key is to remove the emergency declarations; legal inquiry

by Paul Alexander

My sense is that soon as the trucks go, govn will drop the mandates & declare victory; we must insist and keep pressure on to remove emergency declarations & hold public inquiry for accountability

We all know that the trucker has already won, especially in the hearts and minds of the people.

This all fails if emergency declarations remains. This is something that is critical.

I have admired the goodness, the benevolence of the trucker. The peacefulness, how they helped people, and the cleanliness of how they kept the city etc. Remarkable. Crime dropped near 90% on their arrival.

We all want this peacefully and amicably resolved, I like all of you. In the best interests of all. Truckers have nothing to give, the mandates must fall and the declarations, period. Many nations agree to this and so does the strong science. But if they have to help the govn save face, they the trucker, must be open to this…be willing to bend and accommodate a bit, to help save face for the govn., key is after, we go back to get accountability with fierce strong relentless public inquiries. We must get to the bottom of all the wrongs in the pandemic response, the vaccines, and this trucker convoy governmental response.