Myocardial injury after mRNA technology based COVID gene injections (Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. underpinning technology): Did Gill et al. report on autopsy Histopathologic Cardiac impairments

by Paul Alexander

in 2 Adolescents Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose? Yes, certainly did and the results are very catastrophic & should serve as a warning to teens and young persons! Take NO MORE shots!


What did the inventors of mRNA technology that underpins the COVID gene shot know and when did they know it and who did they share it with?

‘Myocarditis in adolescents has been diagnosed clinically following the administration of the second dose of an mRNA vaccine for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Gill et al. sought to examine the autopsy microscopic cardiac findings in adolescent deaths that occurred shortly following administration of the second Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 dose to determine if the myocarditis described in these instances has the typical histopathology of myocarditis.

Researchers conducted clinical autopsy investigations of 2 teenage boys who died shortly following administration of the second Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 dose.

The microscopic examination revealed features resembling a catecholamine-induced injury, not typical myocarditis pathology.

The myocardial injury seen in these postvaccine hearts is different from typical myocarditis and has an appearance most closely resembling a catecholamine-mediated stress (toxic) cardiomyopathy. Understanding that these instances are different from typical myocarditis and that cytokine storm has a known feedback loop with catecholamines may help guide screening and therapy.’

These findings support our arguments that NFL’s (Buffalo) Damar Hamlin and Shane Warne (Australian cricketer) etc. may well have succumbed (as well as Jamie FOXX) to myocarditis type injury resulting in cardiac arrest when there is a surge of adrenalin onto a scarred myocardium (dysregulated electrical conduction across the heart muscle) due to the mRNA technology based gene injection.

Do not be fooled, center this in any debate until they can exclude vaccine or myocarditis.