Nazi hunted down today, yes Germany, huge praise, you must never end hunting these beasts down who killed innocent Jewish people, Hess, Barbi, Mengele et al. & we must be same seeking COVID Taliban

by Paul Alexander

Germany charges 98-year-old former Nazi camp guard with being accessory to murder; this is a tremendous headline & we must be same, as long as it takes, we will one day get the 20 Horsemen accountable

We as the COVUD hunters, too will keep looking for and getting legal proper accountability from the 20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse for they did wrong and benefitted and no matter who they corrupt, who they silence, e.g. even Freedom Fighter media to be ‘hands off for donor money, we the people will not stop, we will use people like me with the science to help ensure they the 20, one day sit in a proper legal inquiry even postumously…they were part of a COVID fraud on the world and they killed people by their COVID lunatic policies and inventions and vaccines.